“3d Talo’s virtual model has been an excellent accessory in events, in which we have exhibited our Kuopion Portti-construction project at. The service has enabled us to showcase the project visually to audiences.”

Jorma Koskelo


VR-models by 3D Talo have been used to display this nationally recognized building project to the wider audiences from the very beginning. Our models
were also used to aid in the design process. The reasoning for it is simple: In projects of this scale, errors can add up to massive price tags the farther they survive. By simple use of VR viewing, architects and other designers have been enabled to proof their technical and aesthetic solutions in a human scale, at human eye level, in a most cost-efficient manner.

Besides being exceptional for design and viewing purposes, our software has served the local residents around the development area, allowing them to preview the new building’s impact on the atmosphere and skyline of their neighbourhood. This service enables the developer to better take into account the local residents and to build trust and reinforce the relationship between them.

The initial material for our work was a mass block-out, studying the impact of the new buildings on the locale and the city plans. Naturally, the design at this point was still largely loose and undetailed, yet were immensely informative for the big picture. We began our work by scouting for the perfect weather for a little reality capture photoshoot. The time of the year was not favourable for photogrammetry, so our drone flight took place in gloomy autumn weather. That, however was not an issue with our exceptionally skilled crew – Sampsa conjured up some digital sun to shed light on the scene, which was taking shape quite nicely. We parsed the photogrammetry with the architectural model, realizing a reality-accurate scenery around the digital building. For each floor in the demonstration, an authentic window view was captured and added. The VR experience would be exceptionally true to reality. In addition to the large brushstrokes, we also collaborated with the interior architect Tero Lindqvist on the ground floor commercial spaces.

Life-cycle thinking is important to us, and thus our software is designed to serve the building over its entire lifespan. Our kit contains tools from design to marketing, and all the way to service and upkeep. So often the building information model produced during the design phase, is left unused when the construction has finished. 3D Talo is constantly working to develop further use for the models during the use phases of a building. If you’re interested in the subject, don’t hesitate to contact our experts!

The Kuopion Portti -project is reaching higher clarity by the day, and we’ve already been assigned to revision the plans. When the foundation is well thought-out, updating the architectural changes in is a walk in the park! We live in a constant change, rethinking our methods of incorporating architectural plans with our VR workflows. This requires little work from both parties and practical software solutions to the data transfer side. These, however, are small steps toward a future where the possibilities offered by virtual reality technology can be utilized in ways that are nigh-unthinkable now!

Matti-Juhani Pekkanen

Project lead

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