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An Immersive Visit to 3D Talo in Kuopio!

Article written by Patrick Halford, CEO of Gaoithe Advisory. Their company equip Investors, Boards, and Leadership teams with the mindset and tools to navigate and leverage generative AI’s profound impact on organisational productivity and competitive landscapes. 

Proximity is everything. Even when you are in virtual reality!

I wanted to know more about the latest capabilities in VR impacting industrial use cases, and for that there was only one place to go visit.

The team at 3D Talo situated in a fabulous new office near the water in Kuopio! Although there was not much water around on that day as it was a mild -25 degrees.

I was greeted at the door by the CEO, Tatu Säisä, who I had met previously at the Brändiseminaari in Kuopio back in October 2023, and he handed a steaming cup of coffee.

The 3D Talo is a hive of creativity, the kind of environment you would expect from experts operating on the cutting edge of business and technology. Over the years I had been exposed to various generations of VR/AR/MR capabilities, so I was excited to see what the latest state-of-the-art was.

Like any technology, the wizardry is not just in the device or software. It is how the experts wield their tools, combining multiple skillsets and technologies to serve up a superior experience for customers.

We sat down in the conference room and Tatu gave me an update of their ambitious growth strategy, together with some fascinating demos on the screen.

But I was eager to get my hands on the goggles and dive into the metaverse (or whatever verse you prefer) and experience the real deal. So Tatu led me over to one of the workstations where one of his colleagues kindly offered to put his work on hold for a few minutes to give this Brit a deep dive.

I had never used a Meta Quest Pro but it felt really comfortable and balanced as I placed it over my head, immersing myself into 3D Talo’s world of reality. Grasping the controllers I was immediately submerged into a stunning rendition of a power station and began to clumsily bump into walls. Fortunately, the 3D Talo team were watching my every move, and following a bit of coaching, I soon got the hang of navigation.

The quality and smoothness of the experience was like nothing I had ever experienced in VR. Surely this was a result of 3D Talo’s expertise at weaving digital data from client’s physical environments together with their own creativity.

I then got a crash course in safety on high rise scaffolding thanks to another awesome rendition. 3D Talo’s business is on an upward trajectory thanks to a high demand for all kinds of industrial inspection and training use cases. But they also provide expert solutions to public organisations, and I was given a demo of an immersive training course for Kuopio hospital (KYS).

Whether you are looking to improve a factory design, train the organisation on critical skills, or design completely new immersive experiences across industries, 3D Talo has all of that under one roof.

And being based in Kuopio in Eastern Finland, with its broad network of high tech industrial, scientific and research institutions, is a clear advantage to this fast growing team.

Like I said at the start, for 3D Talo, proximity is everything… both in virtual reality and to their growing customer base.

Patrick immersed in virtual worlds.