Design Space as
a design tool

”When we used to glare at a plan of an four hectare hall via 15.4” display, now with Design Space we can walk in the plan with virtual reality and see the true scale of this hectare hall. It is a significant benefit because we can verify the big picture in early phase, implement imminent changes and and navigate around costly design errors.

With the help of Design Space we participate all parties and interest groups in the designing. Since everyone sees the Space in the perspective of their own field, by inspecting things together we minimize blind sports in designing.

Design Space will be implemented in the future to train personnel when transformation to a new assignment becomes more flexible and also minimizes risks. Everyone ranging from top management to the employees have used the Design Space, so the fundamentals are easy to learn for everyone.

I highly recommend Design Space for anyone in the field of designing who wants to make his or her own work better than before. “

- Esa Penttinen - Production Manager, Ponsse Ltd.

The design revolution is here and it's happenign in Virtual Reality

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