Design Space in factory design

“Movement in virtual reality is easy and in addition you can make notes, fixes, and memos straight in to the model, if there is a need to change it.

One of the best features in Design Space is so called Multi player. It enables us to gather engineers work in to one model and inspect it in virtual reality as a team in real-time, even if we were on the opposite edges of the country. This makes understanding of a whole easier and enables us to locate possible errors. We can also invite our customers to participate, so in fact we can have distance meetings on virtual reality.

Greatest added value of Design Space regarding my own engineering work are definitely making thought work easier and full understanding the scale of a 3D-model in virtual reality. “

- Mika Turunen - Mechanical Engineer, Pöyry Oyj

The design revolution is here and it's happenign in Virtual Reality

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