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While our everyday revolves around virtual reality, every successful project is backed by genuine individuals, high quality collaboration, and innovative ideas. We actively listen and seek out the most suitable technology and solution for you.


Our full-service visualization studio excels in versatility, offering 3D and 360-degree images, virtual environments, and animations—all under one roof.

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Virtual training is an effective and versatile way to enhance the expertise of professionals.

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We offer advanced tools for virtual-assisted design and take into account the individual needs of our clients.

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Who are we

We are a Finnish company that provides genuine XR solutions for businesses.

3D Talo originated when four startup companies in Kuopio, Finland decided to collaborate in producing industrial virtual reality solutions and visualizations together.



Together, let's explore ways to enhance your business using these technologies!

In recent years, the utilization of virtual reality has taken on a new dimension with the remarkable development of virtual reality glasses. The head-mounted stereoscopic display follows the movements of the head, allowing users to achieve a powerful sense of immersion. Additionally, VR glasses enable users to perceive the dimensions of the 3D world more effectively than using traditional display technologies. 

Reality Capture technique records objects in a three-dimensional digital format. The scanning process can involve either laser scanners or photography (photogrammetry).

360-degree imaging refers to still or video footage captured as a panoramic view, encompassing a full 360 degrees.
Design Space software, co-designed with 3D Talo clients and programmed in-house, enables the inspection and further development of various 3D designs in virtual reality. The software allows for plan reviews in Collaborate mode over the network, directly through a web browser, with or without VR glasses.
Our strategic partner, ThingLink, is a Finnish-American company whose services make images interactive and social. The intuitive platform enables the creation of interactive 360- and 3D training environments, among other things.
Why 3D Talo?

Experience from hundreds of customer projects, from ideation to the final product and implementation.


Wellbeing service counties, Finnish Defence Forces, and Finland's largest globally operating companies trust in the services of 3D Talo. With our experience, we can manage extensive projects and independently execute reliable, high-quality, end-to-end implementations in our field.


Our extensive expertise and comprehensive network of collaborations ensure that we can deliver our customers the services they need, without compromising on quality.


Our active project team is experienced in conceptualizing, implementing, and deploying extensive projects. In developing our expertise and platform, we collaborate with a group of global players who also enhance their own operations, trusting in the capabilities and technology of 3D Talo.

Our customers

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