Augmented reality

Augment your surroundings with virtual elements. Display additional information on your products or follow your devices IoT data in real time

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, AR, allows us to expand your surroundings by augmenting them with all kinds of information. Add virtual elements into the real world through a variety of display devices. See how different combinations would play out in their natural environments or add details to your products.

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Other technologies

Virtual Reality

VR, a virtual simulated reality brings all your desings to life. Transport into a detalied three dimentional world and scrutiny your surroundings from a realistic perspective. Access your desired environments and view even the largest products in their natural scale – any time, any where.

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Photogrammetry allows us to capture your surroundings into a virtual form. With this photography based technologie, we'll turn your desired areas into realsitic 3D models with their realistic surfaces intact.

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Laser Scanning

Laser scanning turns your interiors in to accurate point cloud models in seconds. We'll capture your surroundings with their precise dimensions according to your design needs.

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360 degree photography

360 degree photographs and videos allow us to record even the largest of areas into easily shared and viewed documents. Share and view these results anywhere between virtual reality environments and mobile devices.

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