Design Space desktop client

.FBX .IFC .OBJ .STL .DXF import

Collaboration and invitations between multiple users

Automatic CAD/BIM to virtual reality converter

Two sided material shaders

Design Space tools

.FBX .STL Export

Customer support

Client 1.0 release

Unlimited collaboration

Textured model compatibility

IoT-data compatibility

Animation import (.fbx)

Pointcloud Engine (PCD, PTX, E57)

Aveva PDMS attribute reader

Sketchup support

360° picture and video support Custom feature. Automation coming during Q4/2019

Gizmo tool for object manipulation Custom feature. Automation coming during Q4/2019

Revit (.rvt) support

CAD importer update (Solidworks, Catia, Inventor, NX)

Commenting via VR Keyboard

Q4 2019

New snap module

Q4 2019

Tree hierarchy

Q4 2019

IFC attribute reader

Q4 2019

2D Tools 0.8 (beta)

Q4 2020

Shader fixes for transparent materials

Q4 2020

Design Space 1.05 release

Q4 2020

Shader projects 0.8 (beta)

Q4 2020

Asset database

Q4 2020

Commenting tool

Q4 2020

Development continues - Roadmap for 2020 will be released during Q4/2019

The design revolution is here and it's happenign in Virtual Reality

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