FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the benefit of VR and AR visualizations?
    A: VR and AR visualizations let the user access 3D models and design documents in a realistic three dimentional way. Perceiving of the measurements gets easier and the precision of the design process grows. This technological break through can be compared to the transition from 2D drawings to 3D model based design. Finally the technologies have come to a point where this 3D design can be assisted by virtual and augmented realities.
    Q: How can these virtual models ne utilized in industrial prouct development?
    A: Virtual reality allows the user to experience your products in an early steate of the development. In this way the user experience can be simulated in a realistic way. Allowing the end users to experience your design as a part of the product development youll eventually achieve better end results in a shorter span of time. This materializes as savings in the costs and time needed. VR assisted development has improved fe. safety of the design and the wellbeing of the end users.
    Q: What is Design Space?
    Q: Can you digitalize existing environments, areas, structures and objects?
    A: Yes. High quality photogrammetry and precise laser scanning allows us to digitalize existing products and areas in to accurate 3d models. These can then be improved upon or utilized as part of your design.
    Q: What kind of equipment do I need to utilize your products and services?
    A: We'll provide you with everything our solutions need to function. These include a powerfull computer, VR goggles, controllers and the required softwares. We will also take care of any of the needed maintanance procedures needed, so that as a client you'll get a plug-and-play experience. If you'd rather get these devices and software yourself, don't hesitate to be in contact so that we can help you in your venture.
    Q: What kind of data is required to produce virtual and augmented reality softwares?
    A: We'll digitalize any sort of data you can produce. This may be a drawn sketch, a photograph or just an idea. If you already have some sort of 3D data on hand, this naturally speeds up our end of the work. If needed, we can brief you on how to best produce 3D data compatible with virtual and augmented reality solutions.
    Q: I already have a 3D model that I would like to see in virtual reality. In what format should I send it to you?
    A: We accept all of the common 3D formats. Such as .FX, .OBJ, .IFC, .SDLPRT, .3DS, .STL.
    Q: My case would be a big and heavy factory model with all of its lines and equipment. Are the computers fast enough for this?
    A: We optimize all of the 3D models so, that a customer grade VR ready computers can run them in virtual reality. If needed, we deliver more powerful hardware to our clients.
    Q: How can I exhibit these VR models to my clients?
    A: There are numerous ways to exhibit your VR models. Our Design Space software allows multiple users to access the same VR environment remotely. In this way you and your stakeholders can view these environments simultaneously with in the virtual reality simulation. In addition to the virtual reality, these Design Space projects can be viewed and accesed traditionally through mouse and keyboard input.
    Q: Can I create animated intaractive objects in Design Space?
    A: We create all of the animated and interactive parts of your virutal reality worlds separately. These can then be added to your Design Space scenes like any other elements.
    Q: Can I test accessibility and usability in virtual reality?
    A: Yes. Once you have downloaded the 3D models of the objects you wish to test, you can practice these operations with Design Space.

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