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Virtual training enables an engaging and immersive learning experience, making learning more efficient and memorable.


Efficiency is the missing cornerstone of modern education

Digitizing education tackles the lingering challenges of training by providing an even more efficient way to onboard, track the development of your personnel's skills, and, at the same time, conveniently assess their expertise in one online environment! Through digitization, you save time cost-effectively, as participants can swiftly review challenging topics online — anywhere, anytime.

We record your training day, from which we create a training package segmented by topics in a ThingLink online environment. We include tailored updates and in-depth information according to your needs, enhancing learning and aiding in the quicker internalization of new concepts. Digitalizing education can also be implemented without a separate training day. In this case, we digitalize the necessary materials as agreed upon and compile a customized training package based on your needs.
In the ThingLink online environment, you can see, among other things:

  • Visitor data and responses
  • Total tries and the number of points
  • Average completion time
  • Completed modules

In the future, the trainer will centrally find the responses of all training participants in one place and can clearly and individually identify any need for additional training. 

Consistent and uniform training: Digitalizing education and centralizing training materials in the ThingLink service enable consistent and uniform content for all trainees, regardless of time and place. Consequently, savings are realized in terms of both costs and resources, as the workload for trainers is reduced through the automation of training. 

Training/orientation topics are divided into shorter segments that are clearly separated from each other. This way, trainees can find the specific information they are looking for without having to sift through a continuously recorded lecture.  

VR training is an effective way to enhance skills and knowledge.

In addition to digitalizing education, VR glasses can be used, but this option is not a prerequisite for digitalization. In the future, reality and virtual reality are closer to each other. Therefore, it is important that the produced learning materials also consider future learners. Solutions provided by virtual reality enable an engaging and immersive learning experience, making learning more efficient and memorable.

Savings in time and money: VR training reduces the need for physical training locations, and when training environments are brought to people, it is possible to save on logistical costs and time. 

More efficient practical training: VR training provides the opportunity to practice and explore various situations and environments in a multidimensional way — safely and without real-life risks. A training model utilizing virtual reality offers a realistic and comprehensive learning experience that is more memorable, aiding in the internalization of concepts when faced with real work situations. 

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