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History of 3D Talo

3D Talo originated when four startup companies in Kuopio, Finland decided to collaborate in producing industrial virtual reality solutions and visualizations together.

Owners of 3D Talo

The owners of 3D Talo met for the first time at the Kasvu Open startup event as competitors in 2015.

This led to an informal brainstorming session, where discussions shifted towards collaboration opportunities instead of competing.

Soon, it became evident that we all shared a similar vision regarding the potential of virtual and augmented reality technologies. It was clear that this emerging technology would have a lasting impact on the world and could address numerous challenges in 3D-based processes.

Together, we brainstormed ideas that would serve our existing customer base. The idea of a joint venture emerged, and the establishment of 3D Talo began. By the end of the summer of 2016, after numerous discussions on values and shared efforts, the foundation of 3D Talo Finland was laid, along with a shared vision. In an instant, the dream became a reality, and with a team of ten professionals, we secured our first investors for the venture. 


Significant partnerships and initial projects

With significant partnerships and our first projects, we began to understand the needs of our clients. Most importantly, we were able to bring to the table a broad technological understanding, along with our domain expertise, helping our clients achieve tangible goals in their respective fields. 

For the first time, we received real feedback on how and why our clients were benefiting from these new technological innovations. This feedback led to the vision of a modern way to examine design documents and models in virtual reality. Our solution eventually became the Design Space software, which visualizes and enhances our clients' designs in virtual reality. 


Design Space helps facilitate communication among stakeholders

Together, we save significant resources.

In the future, we firmly believe that Design Space will assist our clients in communicating among stakeholders and achieving more efficient and focused results in their designs. This way, together, we save significant resources and promise to be an open and bold partner in meeting our clients' technological development needs.

Partnership with ThingLink

In recent years, we have deepened our collaboration with ThingLink. Thanks to the interactive platform provided by ThingLink, we can serve our clients more comprehensively and leverage various source materials more cost-effectively. 

Industrial players serve as the foundation of 3D Talo's business now and in the future, but in recent years, we have increasingly had the opportunity to assist professionals in the social and healthcare sectors, as well as the defence forces.  

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