3D Talo nominated to receive award for a great designing work during Kuopio Design Week – The nominated work is done for Junttan


3D Talo is usually recognized for the solutions utilizing virtual reality in industrial field. This is understandable, since we have done multiple projects utilizing virtual and augmented reality for different customers and our very own designing software, Design Space was launched to commercial distribution just a month ago. During these wonderous and busy times one of our core competences does not get the attention it deserves. This competence is of course modelling.

"A long push, which has required co-operation between all tie-in groups."

- Nominator

Pauli Rissanen and Matti-Juhani Pekkanen are hard-core industrial designers and two of the founders of 3D Talo. Their most recent project has been a design for new pile-driver for Junttan. This work got attention from Kuopio Design Week and their Jury. This Jury then choose 3D Talo as one of the three nominees for final vote to decide the winner.

Pauli and Matti-Juhani on the project:

”Ground breaking project, that brought together several independent actors and utilized state of the art virtual tools in mix with more conventional methods to design a new pile-driver. With the help of virtual reality models, it was possible to communicate and observe the project through the development cycle and implement changes. VR also made it possible to verify plans and participate actual users of the machine in to design phase before any actual prototypes were build. This saved resources and made the result better.”

Tough competition

Other nominees to receive the award are RPS brewery & Oddy Inc. And Urban Ry & Kuopion Energia. RPS is known for the great craft beer they produce locally, and the nomination goes for their bottle etiquettes done in collaboration with Oddy Inc. Urban Ry is an urban art collective that painted transfer-boxes with beautiful works of art. 3D Talo enters the fray with the design for worlds best pile-driver. We are anxious to see, who wins this battle.

Winner is chosen with a public vote, which is on until 10.4.2019. Winner is declared during Kuopio Design Week main event in 26.4.2019. You can sign up for the event from HERE.

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