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3D Talo began when four local startups in Kuopio decided to produce industrial virtual reality solutions and visualizations. The companies were from a variety of backgrounds; An engineering firm, a software company, industrial design studio and an independent game developer. We first met each other at the Kasvu Open start up event as competitors. This sparked a meeting, in which we discussed the possibilities of co-operation as opposed to open competition. Soon it was clear that we all shared similar visions of the promise of the virtual and augmented reality technologies. It was clear that this emerging tech would have a lasting impact on the world, and could solve a multitude of problems in 3D based processes.

We found ourselves considering ideas together that would serve our existing clientele. An idea of a joint venture emerged and the formation of 3D Talo began. By the end of the summer in 2016, after many discussions on values and mutual aspirations, the foundations and common vision for 3D Talo Finland was laid. In no time the dream became a reality and with a team of just 10 professionals we got the first investors behind our cause.

Over the following autumn our team grew. With significant partnerships and our first projects, we begun to truly understand our clients' needs. Most importantly we got to bring our combined technological expertise to the table and help our clientele to achieve concrete solutions in their own fields. For the first time we got real feedback on how and why our clients needed to benefit from these new technological innovations. This feedback led to a vision of a modern way to view design documents and models in virtual reality. Our solution eventually became Design Space – a software to visualize and extend our clients design in virtual reality.

In the future we firmly believe that Design Space will help our clients to communicate between stakeholders and achieve more efficient and focused results in their design. This way we'll save significant resources together and to our clients we promise to be an open and courageous partner in their technological development needs.

News and Announcements

Design Space got an expected new feature with the latest update


Design Space is now able to process massive point cloud datasets from hard drive or cloud storage

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Virtual local history


3D Talo continues its efforts to bring back the past with means of virtual and augmented reality

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a New pile driver, but what else?


3D Talo and Junttan at the Bauma exhibition

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