Virtual Reality as a part of planning, design
and product development

As professional designers and XR technology specialists we harness most recent technologies in designing and product development.


Design Space

Virtual prototype - an integral part in machinery design

Virtual prototype is the most profitable way to erase risks and flaws in design. Cut costs and optimize resource expenditures by utilizing virtual reality in your design work flow.

Do the collision detection and proof the cockpit visibility with virtual prototype before any physical prototypes or actual machinery is assembled. Check the maintenance processes and the usability within the virtual reality so that everyone knows exactly what to expect.

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Virtual Reality assisted product development

With our Design Space software and by utilizing virtual reality we transfer designing work easily in to three-dimensional virtual environment. By this your products usability, ergonomics and safety can be tested throughoutly in virtual reality. Our knowledge and capabilities with XR technologies enable us to use a completely new way to implement our designing and guarantees a tool never seen before for your product development projects.

User interface planning

With our experience in industrial designing and software development we understand the importance of a working user interface. We create the best possible plan from your products, services or software user interfaces to support your project, or as professionals of graphic designing and programming create the user interface for you from a scratch.

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Other services

Industrial solutions

Make your productions overall equipment effectiveness and reliability stronger. Mind work-safety and working ergonomics. With virtual prototype you can effectively take over the whole of your development.

Area and construction projects

Large scale project plans are understood most easily in virtual reality. Offer the tie-groups of your project effective tools for dialogue. While designing spaces of high usage it is important to gather and implement information regarding user groups needs. Do it with ease in our Design Space- application.

VR Marketing and communication

We help you to communicate more effectively regarding sales shows, different showcases or event applications and record historically and culturally significant environments in to enduring digital form. That what once was, we bring back to life with virtual and augmented reality.