Sales, part 2 - Industry Summit Oulu, Environmental innovations


Industry Summit is an event held in Oulu every second year. Theme for this year was sustainable development and smart industry. I had a chance to visit Summit this year on Tuesday 14.05 and the event did not leave bad taste. Themes were interesting and thought provoking. Especially conversation on current state and future of AI and the possibilities it will unveil.

Finland as pathfinder and cradle of technology

I had a chance to hear a panel on what the role of Finland in tackling climate change is and in reducing its effects on environment. The conversation did not go in great depths on concept of climate change, or the actual actions on how one should prevent the escalation. When discussing the means, most common suggestions were higher taxation and varying economic means to reduce carbon emissions. For me the more interesting parts were to listen panelists personal opinions on the role of Finland in big picture.

Finland and other Nordic countries have ideal circumstances to test and develop different innovations and pilot projects. Our technological know-how is on excellent level, legislation drives you towards making climate actions and trust on Finnish quality control is high in global scale.

At our last parliamentary elections this subject got a lot of showtime and a common thought during debates was that “Finnish carbon print is miniscule when compared to three great polluters: China, India and United States of America. Why Finland should carry their burden, when it is impossible due physical constraints?”.

This thought divides most of the people in two camps and during the panel many different points of views were introduced, but what I find most important when pondering this question is the claim that Finland is optimal country for innovation and pilot projects. Since we have things going for us, we have a perfect opportunity to develop and implement solutions to prevent climate change.

Manageable and controlled environment and efficient, trustworthy and innovative solutions are excellent combination, which we should be able to utilize. Finland has an opportunity to be the pioneer and provider in this case and develop solutions that countries with large carbon prints can use to achieve common good.

Artificial intelligence – an extension for humans

In technology circles AI is a hot potato and it is also gaining traction in public conversation. Another concept, the Digital Twin when combined with AI opens massive opportunities for both the industry and everyday life of us, the people.

AI is used in brute-force types of tasks in todays industry. These tasks that are given to machines and AI require capability to calculate and analyze data in a scale, that is impossible to humans to do. Use of AI and growth of calculations in to fore-seeing algorithms has been mind bogglingly fast.

Amount of information available in world grows as we speak and in digital environment this information needs to be utilized in extent. Automation brought by AI and machines was also discussed, and during that an interesting point of view was brought up: AI and machines do not take humans jobs, but the quality and nature of the work will evolve. In conversation there were many issues that I can agree with and it was interesting to hear opinions of actual people who are doing research on this subject and pick up things, that provide something new for my own point of view.

Digital twin is becoming common in industry

Utilizing digital twin in industry is becoming more popular and is on the investment list of many industries. Making a virtual prototype before any physical work is done and digital models of housing, factories or even entire cities help in decision making with tie-in groups with whole new ways. We as 3D Talo have also taken first steps in digital twins and prototypes with our customers Ponsse and Junttan and the direction is correct. Corporations and cities want to invest in future and by doing so early, the fruits of this can be harvested in earnest. So, contact us with your digital twin or prototype needs and let’s see how we can help you! The means are many.

The challenge for future is to make industry “green”. These issues brought together a large amount of different companies. For example, Pöyry and Sweco partook in the summit and it was nice to see that our customers are interested in this kind of greener development. All-in all the summit was an excellent opportunity to get information on hottest innovations in technology and get to know new people from the industry.

Timo Hiltunen

Sales rep, 3D Talo