Sales, part 1 - Once upon a time in Germany


So, Bauma 2019 has now been wrapped up and I got to say: what a show! For you who do not know; Bauma is one of the largest construction machinery trade shows in the world and is held in Munich, Germany every third year.

I was a first timer at Bauma this year and it was a quite an interesting and fascinating experience for a new comer like me. Mostly I was surprised by the sheer scale of the show: approximately 600,000 square meters filled up with different machinery provided by 3,700 manufacturers.

Approximately half of the space was located outdoors, rest of the space was in 18 large halls.

Machinery, pretzels, beer and the feel of the big

I reckon it does not surprise anyone that the most interesting sections of the show were those with biggest budgets. Largest one was from Liebherr, which is a massive machinery manufacturer and main collaborator of the Bauma. Caterpillar had also outstanding section at the showgrounds, but I have to say that one of the more memorable events was the opening show of Bauma, made with sort of American feel and showmanship, during which music from Hans Zimmer was blasted through PA system.

Funniest experience was provided by who else, but the chinese! Chinese manufacturer Sany had a band playing a theme song which lyrics were written on their own company. Quite a fun show to watch:

Curiosity of a German trade show is of course the fact, that you could get pretzels, beer and sausages basically from every stand at the show and at the biggest stands they were served for free! a 7-day ticket for the event got you through the whole thing well fed, which was totally fine for me. 7 days drinking beer, eating German cuisine and watching big machinery. I think this was the key for the good mood of the visitors and as a salesman I got to say; Beer is a perfect lubricant for making deals!

As IT support at machinery show

I did not travel to Germany just to have fun. I had one task: If a need for technical support appeared regarding VR solutions provided by us, I was our own customers IT guy at the ground. I was needed for just once, on the second last day of the show. This made it possible for me to roam the grounds and enjoy the event in free manner. It was a success!

Lessons learned

What I learned at Bauma, is that virtual reality does gather interest and people to try it out, but extra thought is in place regarding content and quality. I witnessed tens of productions in virtual reality during my time at the show, for example Junttan had a simulator there, which in my opinion was the best one showcased. Not because it was easy and fun, but because it was realistic and hard! It took about 2 hours and real effort for me to set up the machine in virtual construction site and begin to work! Truly immersive and realistic experience and we we’re involved in creation of it! So, contact us and let us make you your own excellent simulator!

As a downside, I also witnessed a few downright bad simulators even from the bigger manufacturers. It makes me wonder that is VR somewhat taken for granted by certain companies and utilized just because everybody else does it? Is there any real profit or sense in doing it like this?

Harnessing virtual reality in practical use

As a virtual reality service provider, I see the importance of figuring out the big scheme; How to utilize the technology after the tradeshow? What is the core benefit of it all? Are the devices and software thrown in to trash and already made investments blown to the wind, or do people continue to develop their VR in to tools for sales and marketing? These are things that everyone working with VR should think right from the start, when the first environment goes in to production. By doing so, it is possible to produce code, 3d models and tools which can be utilized in long run.

Too many times the big picture gets ignored and work gets done in a project-oriented way, which causes problems if and when you start to comprehend the large scheme. It is also true that at this time most implementations with VR are done for the first time in the companies and the big picture does not exist. Therefore, it is important to have a partner that recognizes the potential of virtual reality right from the start!

So, when you are starting to plan your first virtual reality environment, please have a thorough discussion with us; technological specialists and your specialists in your own field of business to determine the possible challenges, requirements and processes in which this technology can be used in profitable way. By doing this together the big picture is formed right from the start.


To summarize; Bauma had many wonderful VR solutions showcased, of which I have to say Junttan’s simulator was the best based on its hard-core realism and thoroughly thought out experience. A simulator made like this can be utilized for so much more, than just a trade show showcasing. A right investment at right time!

I will most definitely visit Munich and Bauma in the future! Next show will be held in 2022. So, to all you readers; contact us and lets figure out how we can augment your coming Bauma-reality together!

Iiro Naamanka,

München, 4-2019