Aleksi Savolainen – Coding, e-sports and technical support15.7.2019

At this rate, we will have all our employees gone through by 2022, but it is okay, since stories evolve and get written as time passes by.

Today we introduce you Aleksi “Allu Savolainen. Significantly under 30-years old coder here at 3D Talo, who is also working as technical support for our Design Space software.

Aleksi Savolainen, 3D Talo

Aleksi Savolainen, Programmer

When asked how Allu ended up with 3D Talo, the path sounds pretty familiar. He knew the right person at the right time. Aleksi has known our CTO JP Hakoluoto since they both were in day care back in the 90’s and few decades later JP was working with Caffeine Overdose and Allu got an internship there. Later came the merger and 3D Talo was formed and Allu found himself working for this new company

“Basically: I am the customer service of 3D Talo and Design Space”

Here at 3D Talo most of the employees are somewhat multitaskers and masters in many different fields. Aleksi fits in with this picture. His days are mostly filled with customer projects for which he writes code and does bug fixing. Besides this He works as technical support for Design Space software and trains customers of 3D Talo to use the software.

“Sitting in front of the screen all the time sucks because you need to spend so much time to keep in shape!”

Modern days challenge is working conditions is that most of the time you sit around staring at a screen. Therefore, Aleksi spends his spare time with sports and yes, he thinks that e-sports is also a sport. During long Finnish winters Aleksi goes to gym to pump iron, but during summertime he can be found at Frisbee golf courses throwing the disc around. Now he ranks himself as top 2 players of this sport within 3D Talo employees. As a typical millennial Finnish male Aleksi also identifies himself as a gamer. His bread of the basket are Rocket League, which he plays with nickname “Phändä” and he is also global level CS:GO player.

This was Aleksi ”Allu” Savolainen. The backbone of 3D Talo and our first line of defence against technical problems.