Heikki Rissanen - Tales behind the scenes 5.4.2019

In the year 2019 3D Talo has 38 pictures of different people uploaded to its website. 38 heroes and heroines of their own lives and hard-core professionals of their respective fields. Their stories deserve to be told in full.

Some stories have already been displayed for example in Instagram, but as usual something else came up and the whole thing got buried under a pile of work and postponed to the undefined future.

We update an separate News section on our website for more business related stories, but we do want to unveil the curtain and offer you an opportunity to get to know the actual people; Who we are and what do we do? Therefore we also continue to upkeep our blog within our updated website.

I wish you great reading moments with our blog! Welcome aboard on our journey.

- Heikki Rissanen, 3D Talo

Eguipment showcase, part 1

Heikki Rissanen, 3D Talo

Heikki Rissanen, Marketing assistant

We finally got updated profile pictures of our employees during Design Space’s launch party, so now it’s the time to give evert face a voice and story. Let us roll in our most recent model in means of marketing: Heikki Rissanen.

Heikki Rissanen is a bachelor of culture and arts and a returnee to Savo region. He graduated from Jyväskylä university of applied sciences in December 2016, from Music and Media Management degree programme, and moved to work and live in Mikkeli after that.

Before coming to 3D Talo Heikki has worked for Elisa as salesman, with event industry and had a tour with Helsinki based management agency in production and communication roles. Heikki is passionate for quality music, good stories and better craft beers.

How is it going Heikki?

Things are decent! I have overcome that spring tiredness and now have energy for example recording some new audio stuff, which is great!

What is your role at 3D Talo?

In my card it reads ”Marketing and communications assistant”. The job description consists of different tasks and responsibilities in wide scale; ranging from creating content for social media and website, coordinating with different marketing tie-in groups and reporting of our social media channels. At the spare time from day to day routines I figure out stuff that needs to be figured out.

How did you end up at 3D Talo?

That is a story to be told. I have had the honor to know Tuomas Hirvonen since our childhood and by that I also have had an window to see his career with Talo to evolve from salesman to key-account manager. It has been an interesting journey to see. At last October we were hanging out in a bar at Jyväskylä and I ranted that I want to do something else professionally. I had been in sales for few years back then and had realized I am more a thinker. Marketing and project coordination had started to interest me more and more. Tuomas listened and told me to contact Iiro Naamanka.

How did the thing proceed? Did the position open up fast?

It took quite some time. At some point I received a mail from Iiro. He asked if I would come to visit the office and discuss the issue further. They had effectively forgotten to answer me at first. Well, I came to the office and we had quite a chat with Tatu Säisä and Iiro. Consensus was established and I started my work in mid-February!

How do you perceive the future of 3D Talo?

Design Space was launched at the same time I started to work with 3D Talo, and I see great potential in that software, that potential just needs to be realized in most effective manner! I also feel that technology and industry environment starts to be ready to utilize VR and AR in full, so I’d say the future looks quite bright! We are living interesting times.

Any words for the road?

”Pörröillään!” – Mikko Kalliola, Aava & Bang