Timo Hiltunen, Salesperson and adventurer in reality2.7.2019

Let us roll in our next machinery. Showcased today: Sales configurator, model Timo Hiltunen.

Timo is as old as Finland’s first hockey world championships victory. -95 never forget! He has been assembled in centrum of upper Savonia, Lapinlahti, from where his travels have taken him to Kuopio, where he works for 3D Talo as a salesperson and studies in Savonia university of applied sciences.

Timo Hiltunen, 3D Talo

Timo Hiltunen, Sales

What are you, Timo?

I am Timo. 24-year-old salesman from Kuopio. I study in Savonia to become a Bachelor of business administration and I seriously hope to graduate during next December. On my spare time I study the arcane knowledge on guitar, play APEX on my PlayStation and nurture my relationship.

I would like to define boundaries of reality, which goes greatly along with my work as a salesman for pioneer in XR technologies. So basically, I am quite regular young fellow!

Bachelor of business administration. How does your degree relate to your work?

That degree is quite overall in its nature. It aims to give me readiness to work in administrative role in international businesses. But deep inside I’m a salesman. As my thesis I am working on an export strategy for 3D Talo. I have focused my studies towards internationalization, and I do see the potential in 3D Talo to break through to European markets, especially in to German markets.

How did you end up with 3D Talo?

By accident to be honest. Few years ago, I started as an intern with Caffeine Overdose. After my internship I stayed with them doing odd-hours with sales and marketing beside my studies. Time passed and a merger happened, where Caffeine Overdose and few other companies founded 3D Talo. Afterwards I noticed that I was a full-time salesman working for 3D Talo. It is fun to think back those days and realize I had never worked in sales at this magnitude. Well, you learn while you do!

How do you feel about working with 3D Talo?

I am happy here. Not just because the excellent atmosphere and wild spring parties, but because the field is speeding ahead like a Pendolino. Technologies and practices evolve and become a standard just to be replaced by new ideas and innovations on next instant. You must learn and evolve with the markets to be one step ahead or even on the square level.

To add on working conditions and atmosphere: 3D Talo is still smallish and flexible entity, which shows as relaxed atmosphere and as hard professionalism. These qualities are important benefactors for me.

Any messages for possible readers?

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