Register and privacy policy

This is a register and privacy policy legend in compliance with Personal Data Act (10 and 24 §) and European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by 3D Talo Finland Ltd. Composed: 24.05.2018. Last edited: 28.05.2018


3D Talo Finland Ltd
Snellmaninkatu 2
70100 Kuopio

Corresponding contact

Teemu Wilander
+358 44 235 1086

Name of the register

Client Register of the Company and the User Register of an Online Service

Legal basis and the reason for handling personal data

Legal basis for handling of personal data according to European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation areAgreement by the person in question (documented, voluntary, personalized, conscious and unambiguous)A Contract in which the registered party is a party ofJustified interest by the register holder (for example: clientele, employment, membership)

Handling of the personal data is for communication, relations, administration, marketing, or comparable.

Data is not used for automatized ruling or profiling.

Content of the registery

Clients name, position, organization, contact information (phone number, email address, address), domain name, IP address, details of services rendered, billing- and other essential information concerning client relations and services are stored in the registery.

This data is stored as long as law requires. Information concerning Design Space subscriptions are stored for two (2) years, after which they will be anonymized.

Regular information sources

Data stored in the register is gathered by contact forms, email, phone, social media, contracts, interviews and other situations, in which the client surrenderes personal information.

Presentation of and translocating the data outside EU and ETA borders

Data is not presented to outside sources by regulation. Information can be released in ways, that have been agreed upon by the client.

Protection of the data

The register is handled by care and infrmation processed by the system is secured appropriately. Physical servers holding the data are stored with adequate safety measurements. The register holder takes care that all of the data stored on the servers and acces to these and other critical personal information is handled by care and can be accessed by the appropriate personel only.

Right to examine and correct the data

Every person recorded in the registery has the right to examine and demand corrections to be made to the information corresponding their personal data. Provided that a person wishes to examine or demand a correction conserning their personal data, must a writen requisition be send to the register holder who then again may require a proof of identity. A confirmation is given to the client in a time directed by GDRP.

Other rights concerning personal data

A person whos data can be found in the register has right to demand all of the data concerning their to be removed from the registery. The registered party likewise has the GDRP consistent right to limit the use of their personal data. These demands must be sent to the register holder in a writen form who then again may require a proof of identity. A confirmation is given to the client in a time directed by GDRP.