Virtual reality in developing your marketing, communication
and experience production

With our virtual reality and augmented reality solutions your message gets received. Enhance your communication, visualize vast and complex concepts or bring back memories of the past.


Design Space

High quality virtual product showcases and real-time graphics

Was it a sales show, different showcases or show applications, we help you to communicate more efficiently in order of your needs. We also record historically and culturally significant environments in to enduring digital form. That which does not exist anymore we bring back to life with virtual and augmented reality.

Virtual product showcase, visualization and 3D Modelling

Showcase a single product, or whole product lines without trouble in virtual reality environment. Virtual reality dissolves logistics problems and enables you to transfer even the heaviest products and objects to different locations. Optionally, we are able to transfer your entire catalogue in to observable 3D models in real-time, to any imaginable environment.

Augmented reality product showcasing

What a product designed by you would look like in its realistic environment? – With the help of augmented reality, we bring your product alive by adding specific information, or adding virtual objects in to real-world environments. Through different display devices we can add information on whole objects ranging from aspects of target devices operational, or content related issues. By this you can observe two-dimensional information in three-dimensional space or combine your IoT data to our real-time service.

Historical modelling

We bring past back to life with help of our virtual reality solutions. We build these worlds of past back to observable reality with our technologies. Environments implemented on base of archived materiel, historical research and tales of coevals open up a chance to experience historical events and areas personally for the user.

Gamified marketing

Showcasing of your services, events and actions can be done memorably with our gamified solutions. Despite the location and specific and undetermined challenges of certain showcase, your audience gets to experience your whole offering with participatory virtual reality experience. Were you showcasing an experience services, or just need a memorable marketing event for your product, you will get the target audiences interest with a gamified virtual reality marketing entirety

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Other services

Industrial solutions

Make your productions overall equipment effectiveness and reliability stronger. Mind work-safety and working ergonomics. With virtual prototype you can effectively take over the whole of your development.

Area and construction projects

Large scale project plans are understood most easily in virtual reality. Offer the tie-groups of your project effective tools for dialogue. While designing spaces of high usage it is important to gather and implement information regarding user groups needs. Do it with ease in our Design Space- application.

VR assisted design

Our experienced industrial designers make use of totally new digital methods in their work to get the best results. We design your products appearance or build your prototypi in to virtual form.