VR and AR Solutions


Learn about the technologies available to us and see how these technologies could enhance your business.


Virtual Reality

In recent years, the utilization of virtual reality has taken on a new dimension with the remarkable development of virtual reality glasses. The head-mounted stereoscopic display follows the movements of the head, allowing users to achieve a powerful sense of immersion. Additionally, VR glasses enable users to perceive the dimensions of the 3D world more effectively than using traditional display technologies.


Reality Capture

Reality Capture technology is used to capture environments, buildings, and objects in three-dimensional digital form. The scanning process can involve either laser scanners or photogrammetry. The data can be utilized and further processed in design, virtual reality, and visualizations.


360 photography and videography

360-degree imaging refers to still or video footage captured as a panoramic view, encompassing a full 360 degrees.


Design Space

Design Space software, co-designed with 3D Talo clients and programmed in-house, enables the inspection and further development of various 3D designs in virtual reality. The software allows for plan reviews in Collaborate mode over the network, directly through a web browser, with or without VR glasses.



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